Serry feeling her new power
Serry Mushmen

Muscle Maiden




Female Female




230 cm
158 cm (former)


70 (former)

Hair Color


Professional Status

Gloren High School



Personal Status



Super Strength
Super Speed


Chapter 1

Serry Mushmen is a student of the Gloren High School, a teenage girl who gained superhuman powers after drinking liquid that was a part of an experiment in a laboratory. Serry is currently a super strong girl who is trying to find out the source of the liquid and also enjoying herself with her new incredible super strength her body has developed.


Serry has the size of a normal teenage girl. She is short in height and her body is weaker than the other students. She has a shoulder length blond hair. Serry arms and legs are thick and she is very light in weight since she was obese when she was young.

After Serry drank a strange liquid, she had grown huge and strong muscles all over her body. Her are have huge and strong muscles and her biceps grew huge when she flexes her arm. Serry's breasts have expanded, grown much bigger, huge and stronger. She described her breasts as being very big and fluffy, and when she touches it, she couldn't believe that she has big huge breasts. When Serry walks, her breasts move sideways as they were huge in size and caught many boys' attention.had extremely grown super strong muscles.



Serry's extreme muscle growth
Serry was out on the sea in the middle of nowhere after her reputation was ruined by the boys in her school. She had went to a boat to leave further away from the place where she was and on the same night, she saw an explosion on a buildinp further away from her and then fell asleep. The next morning, she noticed a bottle under the water glowing green light. She tried to pick it up by pushing it with a stick, but it was tightly held. Later, she saw the bottle floating on the water, glowing green light on the night. Serry was very hungry since she did not eat anything for the past 3 days, so she picked up the bottle, opened the cap and started drinking the liquid without caring what it was. After she drank all the liquid that was left in the bottle, Serry suddenly starts having a stomach ache. She had almost felt like vomiting, but something unexpected was happening to her. Her body suddenly began to grow bigger, ripping off out of her clothes. Serry's body was growing full of big strong muscles, she couldn't do anything but she was feeling the new strength growing inside her. Her arms were growing huge biceps and her body was enlarging. Serry could only shout loudly as her sudden growth was giving her pain, but new strength and powers. Her small breasts were growing huge and strong, as well as her tummy was growing six packs of muscles, causing her shirt to rip off and revealing her most muscular parts of her body, except her breasts were covered with clothes and almost teared up.
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